For many years now, Floor van Schaik has been delivering the most effective and affordable metal wire frame solutions for tree nurseries, garden centres, greenhouses and green walls. All products are designed to meet the needs of practical application and enable an optimal presentation of trees, plants and crops. With the OriginalRack and PromoRack, Floor van Schaik offers the most complete product range in both standard measurements and made-to-measure racks. Floor van Schaik supplies any small to (very) large quantity you may require and prides himself on decades of experience and creativity to find an effective and affordable solution for all (prospect) clients.


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Floor van Schaik-Groen vof
Kryptonstraat 45
6718 WR Ede
The Netherlands
T: +31(0)318 200 400
F: +31(0)842 15 15 15

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