AirpruneRack is a wire rack that enables propagation trays to be raised off the floor, allowing better air circulation for root pruning.

  • Raising the tray allows air to circulate around the rootzone, preventing a buildup of heat and moisture.
  • Roots remain in the tray cell, forming a plug that can more easily be transplanted at the required stage.
  • Airpruning allows the plants to grow faster and will be healthier and of higher quality.
  • Airpruning also saves time and labour, avoiding having to clean roots from the exterior of the tray ready for dispatch to the customer.
  • Practical experience has demonstrated that the most appropriate height for the tray to be raised is between 70mm and 100mm.
  • AirpruneRack can be used both on the ground and on table tops.
  • Both the length and width of AirpruneRack can be constructed to suit the specific size and type of tray you wish to use.


Without AirpruneRack


With AirpruneRack

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