FlatfloorRack is a simple fixing system designed to stabilise larger containers of up to 40 litres in any location.

  • Very easy and quick to fasten any large container when spacing out.
  • The base is a simple flat rack laid on the ground.
  • The FlatfloorRack has a thicker wire border to provide rigidity and stability. The style and construction has evolved as a result of grower experiences, and provides for a stable but very cost effective base.
  • The wire is treated with Aluzinc for rust proofing. It produces a smooth finish with no sharp points or rough edges.
  • The anchoring hooks fasten to the container edges. One end has a J-hook connecting to the FlatfloorRack. The other end has a Golf-hook for connection to the container rim. These are also galvanised using Aluzinc.
  • Both hooks are adjustable via a simple squeeze ring.
  • The hooks provide a pull force of up to 90kg, depending on crop/container size. Three, four or five sets of hooks can be used for each container.
  • For heavy crops a wire anchor is available to clamp the FlatfloorRack to the ground.

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