HorticulRack is a broad term for wire racks in different shapes and sizes, for different applications, as a growing system for greenhouses.

  • As table rack, which allows for plants to hang in it or stand in it on table height.  For example: pot plants, mother plants, cutting plants, basic ( vegetables and ornamental plants).
  • As a wire rack for plastic crates or pots, such as anthurium, calla lilies, gerbera, roses, cucumber, pepper, tomato, strawberry, etc.
  • As a 2-pc wire rack for mother plants for cut flowers, such as Cymbidium, Anthurium, Hydrangea, etc.
  • Flat wire panels, wire bottoms, wire mats, etc. as bottom for tables, containers and frames with wheels, table nets for all sorts of potted plants, substrate crates, and substrate bags.


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