The OneplantRack 1 is an individual rack designed to provide stability for single containers, and prevent them from falling over when its’ windy.

  • This is an ideal rack for tree nurseries and nursery stock, and will fit most brands of container.
  • Tree or plant spacing can be very flexible depending on space available.
  • The upper support ring is fully adjustable to the pot diameter and can be simply clamped under the container rim.
  • The OneplantRack is manufactured using pre-galvanised wire and has only three weld points.
  • Standard OneplantRacks are available in 2lt, 3lt, 4lt, 5lt, 7.5lt, 10lt, 12lt, 15lt and 20lt options. Available 10 per carton.
  • After use, the OneplantRacks can be easily stacked for storage and take up very little space.


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