Floor van Schaik is specialised in solutions that provide support to all sorts of plants, trees and crops:

  • horizontal and vertical (wall) cultivation
  • hanging and standing pots
  • crop cultivation and display
  • flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, both indoor and outdoor
  • pots, containers, crates and trays

Container frames

Floor van Schaik’s container frames offer an allround applicability. They prevent blowing over at tree nurseries, enable the right display at garden centres, facilitate air pruning  for tray propagation, support green walls and serve as cultivation system in greenhouses. Find out more about the container frame product range by Floor van Schaik.

Plant holders

An efficient and practical tool to prevent blowing over, while still allowing for flexible plant placement, is the well-known individual plant holder. You can easily determine the plant distance yourself. Regardless the specific application at tree nurseries, garden centres or in greenhouse cultivation:  the individual plant holder offers an effective and widely applicable solution.

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