From now on, increase your stemmed plant and tree sales with our new movable wirerack that supports and displays your stem.

Consider our new mobile TreeSupport Rack when displaying larger stemmed nursery products both in the store and outdoors!


  • Customers no longer have to walk to boundaries of gardencentre to find
  • larger trees.    
  • With the Tree&stamRack, you can display featured stemmed trees and
  • shrubs in high visibility locations.
  • Very lightweight, so easily moved from one place to the next.
  • Simplicity of design makes rack quick and easy to use for everyone.
  • The sidesupports are easy and quick to place.
  • Attractively display top-heavy plants without having them fall over.


  • Place anywhere without additional fastening.
  • Compatible with all shapes and sizes of pots.
  • Variable spacing of trees within rack.
  • Conveniently measures the same width as a sales table at 1.60 m.
  • Highly wind resistant design.
  • The wire is treated with AluZink, a high quality and long-lasting zinc coating.
  • It is applicable from stick-hedera, stem-crops, fruittrees to half-stem.
  • Compatible with stems of various diameters, from ivys to fruittrees.


  • The basis-set is provided with 10 pieces soft Stembinders.
  • The basic set comes with 10 prefabricated soft stembinders.
  • The sidesupports are provided with 3 plastic clips.


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