V-feetRack Garden Centre are wire racks of certain height and pot-holder dimensions specially designed for garden centres, that in addition to the Treecontainer fits more types and sorts of pots.

  • Provides a balance between excellent presentation of the plants in the garden centre and preventing them from blowing or falling over.
  • Precision engineering of potholder size versus height is used to obtain the best compromise between presenting the plants and keeping them stable
  • The smaller size of the wire racks allows for use in various places throughout the garden centre, including on tables
  • Various combinations can be made with these racks and other types by connecting them together with  specially designed clips. 
  • These racks have a consistent meshsize pattern, allowing plants to be spaced in rows or in a checkerboard pattern. 
  • The 3, 5, 7.5, and 10 litre size racks have equally sized mesh openings, while the 12-15 litre racks use spacers between the mesh openings for optimal plant spacing. 
  • Request our catalog for prices and more information.


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